“The Crown of Snow and Blood” Audiobook

koronaCooperation with the famous history novels author Elżbieta Cherezińska, the author of the bestselling: „Legion” and „The Crown of Snow and Blood”. Composing over two hours of music for the huge production to her cult novel “The Crown of Snow and Blood” directed by Robert Mirzyński. It is the second production of this size in Poland, and it gathered 80 actors. Radio Merkury from Poznan and Zyski S-ka Publishing House handled the audio production of the book. Among the producers there were: Irena Goszczyńska and Edyta Mosińska.

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Robert Mirzyński:

”While working on the adaptation of ‘The Crown of Snow and Blood’ one of many questions I answered was: what kind of music will be appropriate? When I had a certain vision of the desired effect, I had to choose a composer. I have worked with different people who compose professionally. I knew their portfolios, but in this case I needed something different, something new. Thanks to Ela Cherezińska I learned about Tadeusz Gauer’s portfolio. I listened to his pieces and invited him to work with me. His music sounds very much like film music, even Hollywood film music. I asked Tadeusz to, while composing, identify with the characters created by Elżbieta Cherezińska. In this way the motifs of Przemysł, Zaremba and Mechtylda emerged. He prepared everything in one key and created such rhythms that made it possible to combine them, loop them, and smoothly transition from one to another. He created music that not only illustrated the passages from the audiobook, but above all conveyed emotions! I am very glad that I met Tadeusz. He has great potential! He is a very talented young composer whom we will hear about more than once.”



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